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Back to Normal

This week will be our first normal week in several with Dr. Flanders vacation over and the Thanksgiving 2016 in the books.  Walk in clinics will be Tuesday and Thursday 4-7pm this week.  Please remember that again there is no difference in price coming to a walk in versus making an appointment.  This a merely […]

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Did you know??

Even though you clean your cat’s litter every day, they still can smell the previous odors due to their sensitive noses.  Once a year it is a good idea to completely replace the litter boxes themselves.

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Happy Thanksgiving

May you and your pets enjoy a restful and peaceful holiday! Don’t forget to not let your pets overindulge too much or you will be seeing us on Monday!

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Puppies are always are favorite part of the day!

6 week old english mastiff puppies in for first shots and deworming.  Still happy even after shots!

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Thanksgiving tip of the day

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, or for some of us you have already had one Thanksgiving meal, remember that Turkey bones and carcasses can be a choking hazard to your dogs and cats.  Best disposal is to wrap in plastic and take to your outdoor trash can immediately.  You don’t want to make a trip […]

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Back to normal

Dr. Flanders will be back from his vacation showing sheep this weekend.  So he will be back in action at VIP on Tuesday for surgeries then the walk in clinic 4-7pm.  Please keep in mind that it may be very busy for walk ins since we have not had them in 2 weeks.  If at […]

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Don’t forget tonight is the last of no walk-ins with Dr. Flanders.  He will be back, bright and cheery from his sheep show next Tuesday for a wild and “wooly” night! Please remember there is no price difference for making an appointment, just convenience of not needing to make an appointment.  We are offering morning […]

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We have been receiving many phone calls and visits from pets still suffering from fleas.  Please remember that once your pet has fleas, it will take 3 months or more to fully be rid of these horrible pests!  Once they bite your pet, they lay eggs and even though you treat your home and pet, […]

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Thanksgiving Pet Tip of the Day

Watch your pets around festive decorations. Special holiday displays or candles are attractive to pets as well as people. Never leave a pet alone in an area with a lit candle; it could result in a fire. And pine cones, needles and other decorations can cause intestinal blockages or even perforate an animal’s intestine if […]

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Holiday Closings 2016

November 2016 Thanksgiving Day:  November 24, 2016 Friday after Thanksgiving:  November 25, 2016 December 2016 Monday December 25, 2016 January 2017 January 2, 2017

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