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February is Pet Dental Health Month

  80% of dogs have some kind of dental problems by age 3!  Most dental disease occurs below the gums where you can’t see it!  Brushing your dog’s teeth is the single most important thing you can do to help keep your pet healthy! Warning Signs of Dental Problems Redness in the gums Bad Breath […]

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VIP is Closed today!

We are closed today in observance of Christmas.  Leave us a message and we will be happy to help tomorrow.

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Merry Christmas from VIP Animal Care

We hope you enjoy a peaceful and joyful Christmas with family and furry friends!   Please leave us a message if you have any concerns on our answering machine.  We will be back in action on Tuesday December 27 at 9 am with walk ins 4-7pm

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Pet Paw safety

Now that winter has finally hit Central Indiana (I was enjoying warmer temperatures!), be sure your pets paws are ready to go.  They can experience frostbite more easily than you and I. Have towels and wet wipes ready to wash the salt and debris off paws after being outdoors. You may want to invest in […]

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Warning signs in older cats

Slowing down:  this can signal pain, arthritis or more.  Please come in for a checkup to see what’s going on. Litter box changes:  Paying attention when scooping the litter can tell a lot about your cat.  Too much or too little on urine or BM, blood in the stool or urine.  These are all things […]

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feline age stages

Kitten: birth to 6 mos Junior: 7 mos to 2 years Prime: 3-6 years Mature: 7-10 years Senior: 11-14 years Geriatric: 15 years + Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

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Kennel safety

If you are planning to board your pet this holiday season, call us to make sure your pet is up to date on vaccines (especially bordetella, aka kennel cough).  You want to make sure you have at least 48 hours of vaccine protection on board before taking your pet the kennel. You may also want […]

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10 days till Christmas!!

Just thought you would like a friendly reminder that Christmas is 10 days away.  Don’t forget special gifts for your pets: K9:  new toy, sweater, boots, special treats (just watch the choking hazards) Felines: scratching posts, new bed, new kitty litter, treat toys

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Aggression at the veterinarian office

  Very few pets enjoy the veterinarian office.  We are never surprised when your pet hisses, growls, nips, urinates or poops in the office.  This is nothing more than fear. Sometimes we need to muzzle your pet or add an extra restraint leash.  We may ask you for permission to administer some sedation or make […]

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k9 aggression

Most dogs that are overly aggressive are responding to fear.  We see this most often at the veterinarian office, grooming and going to the kennel. When your dog exhibits aggressive behavior and is not responding to normal correction, walk away from him. Trying to grab his collar may illicit a nip or bite because he […]

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