Monthly Archives: December 2016

k9 agressive eating

If your dog is aggressive when fed, feed him in a separate room with the door closed.  If you have children, lock the door.  If you allow table scraps, place them in the dog’s dish.  Don’t allow the dog to beg at the table.  The dog must sit and wait at all times before approaching […]

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holiday tips for your pets

Please remember that holidays can be a time of stress for your pet.  Plan time with your pet and try to keep routine as normal as possible.  Your furry friends sense when something is up. Table foods can upset your pet’s tummy, so discourage guests from feeding your pets.  Have special treats for them like […]

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Cognitive Dysfunction Felines part 2

If your senior cat has become a chronic complainer, wandering from room to room with frequent vocal protestations, she could be suffering from cognitive dysfunction, which is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in people. She’s got your attention for sure, and now you’ve got ours. Just make an appointment today to see the variety of ways […]

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