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Sunday at the Hamilton County Fair

Today will have the sheep show, wool judging, pocket pet show, and kids pedal pull contest. Also going on will be farmer olympics, Llama show as well as the lawn and garden tractor contest. There are always displays of antique tractors too including a parade later in the day of these old tractors. Some of […]

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Saturday at the Hamilton County Fair

Today is usually the biggest crowd at the fair. The swine (pig) show is going on most of the day as well as horse and pony out at the arena, llamas being shown in their air conditioned barn and a craft and food show by the extension homemakers that the public can enter projects in. […]

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Hamilton County 4-H Fair

Yesterday started the Hamilton County 4-H fair.  Located just west of our office.  Parking is free and there is no admission either. Today the goat shows are going on all day.  Pigmy goats are first in the arena, followed by dairy and boar goats in the afternoon. All the barns will have the animals on […]

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I have a new puppy, now what?

This time of year, many of you are making the decision to add a puppy to your home.  Here are a few tips to help the transition and socialize your pup. Music/noise machines are good for bedtime and/or crate training.  It helps calm them. Putting a stuffed animal in the crate or bed helps them […]

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It’s soggy out there and they are calling for more rain this week!

It has been quite a spring and summer this year.  We are now at nearly double the normal rainfall in central Indiana and this week has a more than 50% chance of rain every day this week.  Now is the time to have a basket full of towels near the door and possibly some old […]

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Letting your kitty roam outside

Many cat owners want to give their felines time to enjoy outdoors.  Keep in mind a few of these pointers: Making sure your kitty has a microchip gives a sense of security that if kitty wanders off, a microchip can bring her safely home. Start with small amounts of time outside. If kitty is scared […]

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