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Happy Halloween

Don’t forget to make sure your furry friends are ready for trick or treating!   No candy; especially chocolate and sugar free beware of loud noises, yelling and doorbells.  They can frighten your pets! be careful that guests are treating your pets without your knowledge  have a a safe evening 

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November dates Dr. Flanders is out of the office

As is usual in November, Dr. Flanders will be at a national sheep show. He will be out of the office November 9-10 and November 13-17

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Happy Sunday

  Make sure you include your dog in a path today!  They need some exercise on your day off!  Koteewi Park is a great trail to take your dog on!

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Happy Saturday!

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Halloween is getting closer

With Halloween a week away, it’s good to remind you to have a plan for your pets on Halloween  some of you will host a party:   This can mean all kinds of dangers for your pets, including alcohol poisoning, as well as foods like chocolate, sugar free ingredients, raisins, and grapes  For the younger […]

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Watch out for the “wild mushrooms”

Since so far our Fall or “autumn” has been as wet as our spring was, it is a good time to refresh you to watch your yard for what I call “toadstools” or wild mushrooms.  I found 5-6 in my yard yesterday with all the rain we had this past weekend.   My dogs do […]

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How to know if your cat has a bladder infection

Signs of bladder infection: Urinating outside the litter box Blood in the urine Excessive licking of the genital area Crying out while urinating Straining to urinate Frequent trips to the litter box Preventative tips: Feeding smaller meals more frequently Clean, fresh water at all times keep the litter box clean keep the litter box in […]

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Hypothyroidism is Felines

What do you need to know about this more common problem in felines> If you have a senior aged feline, this disease is pretty common.   Hypothyroidism is caused by an increase in production of thyroid hormones from enlarged thyroid glands in your feline’s neck.  Because these thyroid hormones are increased, almost all other organs […]

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National Feral Cat Day

So what is a feral cat anyway? ***A feral cat is one that roams outdoors exclusively and doesn’t want or need human contact.  They are unsocialized to us and do not usually fair well when captured or end up at shelters or humane societies. Should you be worried about feral cats? Yes and no.  Yes […]

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Harvest is upon us and that can mean an increase in Allergies

October is a change of temperature and a change of seasons.  Living in Indiana means harvesting of corn and soybeans and with that is an increase in allergies with people and pets.  Ragweed and many other weeds are dry and spreading seeds to be ready for spring again.  Some pets may not have allergy symptoms […]

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