Year: 2018

New Year’s Eve

We wish you all a wonderful evening of celebration as we ring in the new year.  Remember that pets can be frightened by loud music, fireworks, poppers used at parties, so you may want to crate them or make sure they have a safe room to keep them calm and happy. Be careful and have […]

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My cat’s purr

What exactly does purring mean? Purring is a way the newborn kittens find their mother before their eyes open. It is a form of communications with other cats and us too. It is a form of self soothing for your kitty Purring is contentment in your kitty Kittens start purring at two days of age. […]

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We are open!

We hope you had a spectacular Christmas with your pets and family and friends of course.   We are back to normal business hours the rest of the week.  Keeping that in mind, remember that we may be busier than normal since there will be some pets who overindulged and will need our expertise to […]

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