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Coconut Oil

One of our favorite over the counter people food that is good for your pets is coconut oil.  If you have searched anything on the internet about health and wellness, you will see numerous articles about the miracle of coconut oil.  But did you know it is also great for dental and oral health for […]

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Questions about food for my pet!

There are five reasons to change the food your dog eats.  We will cover those today. Food rejection or finicky behavior Your pet repeatedly rejects food Don’t change just for one day or rejecting food Skin & Coat issues Sometimes food can cause problems in your pet’s skin.  This can be from an allergy to […]

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Winter Care Tips part two:

We have talked before now about tips for winter time health of your pet, but it is a good time to emphasize a few more of the tips in more detail!  Hydration It is easy to think about hydration as only a concern in summer months, but dehydration can occur in the winter too.  Especially […]

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Ear infection?

At VIP Animal Care we see many pets for ear infections or symptoms of an ear infection.  When you suspect ear problems, don’t wait it out, come in for a check up.  Dogs especially have deep ear canals, making it hard to see if there is a problem.   If left untreated, ear infections can […]

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Urinary Tract Infection in your pet?

Here is a quick information tip on how to know if your pet has a UTI. Symptoms: Straining to urinate bloody or cloudy urine dribbling urine sounds of pain upon urinating small amounts of urine odor increase in thirst Older dogs and diabetic dogs are more prone to UTI. Untreated infection can move to kidneys […]

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Know your feline

As a cat owner, there are a few tips to know your feline. How much food is she eating.  Has her eating habits changed recently How much water is she drinking.  Has this changed recently Are their changes in her normal behavior:  sleeping more/less, more vocal/less vocal, playing less/more. Don’t hesitate to make a wellness […]

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Questions about the dog flu:

With wintertime comes the flu and many questions about the flu for dogs.  Here are a few questions answered about the flu. Your dog is at a higher risk to contract the flu if they frequent the following places: groomers pet stores daycare for pets boarding facilities dog parks Signs of the flu include coughing, […]

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a few things to watch for in your senior pet

There are three things that older pets will be more susceptible to. Dental problems As your pet ages, dental problems usually arise. Because of decay and tooth loss, dental disease can lead to weight loss.  The decay can cause infection that if left untreated will further impact and damage vital organs such as the heart. […]

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Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Let’s face it, we are all about saving money.  Pets cost money.  Same as having children.  So just like using generic diapers, wipes, etc to save money with children, what can you do to save money on your pets?  Sometimes using generic can be dangerous.  Think about a few of these tips to save money! […]

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How do I keep my dog active in the bad weather?

There is talk all over the internet and when you bring your pet in the vet office about keeping your dog a healthy weight, being active and making sure they get plenty of exercise.  But, what do you do on the days it is too cold, too wet?  Try a few of these ideas… Play […]

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