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Last day to schedule a discount for your dental cleaning!

If you call us today, we will still give you the February coupon of $25 off your dental cleaning even though it will be booked in March!  Take advantage today to get scheduled and mention you saw it on the Website.

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Pets are family!

Sometimes we neglect our pets and take advantage of them because they are always there.  Now is a great time of year to book a wellness exam before the spring rush.  Call us today for an appointment.  317-773-3232

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Keeping your Cat Happy

Cats can get depressed too.  We talked a few weeks ago about winter blues in dogs, but let’s not forget kitties too.

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Have a great Sunday!

Sometimes it is good to have a lazy Sunday

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Another wonderful thank you from the whitesell family!

rigsby whitesells

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there is still time to get a dental cleaning at a discount!

Give us a call anytime this week to get scheduled for a dental cleaning.  As long as you get it booked before March 1, we will still give you the discount for your cleaning.

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February is also heart health month

We highlight February as dental month, but it is also heart health as well.  Did you know that mosquitos can come back with just a few warm days.  February is notorious for the temperatures to be up and down.  This is no time to skimp on heart worm protection!

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It’s Love your Pet Day

Did you know… a little over a third of U.S. Households have a pet. There are more cats in the US than dogs, but this is a day about all pets just not the usual dogs and cats. Petting animals reduces stress and blood pressure in people. Make today a day to give a little […]

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How do I housebreak the puppy in this weather?

My toy Aussie, Reba was born September 1st two years ago.  We got her November 1st and began in the colder weather the task of potty training.  My husband laughs when he realizes now how many months we have gone without Reba surprises or Reba tootsie rolls on the floor. For anyone who has potty […]

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Weight Management in Felines

Over the last few years, there is a lot of talk about obesity in household pets.  But I would like to cover weight in general.  Is your pet too thick, too thin or just right? An easy way to tell whether your kitty is too thick, too thin or just right is to FEEL Them. […]

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