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A risk from extra fat: Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Extra fat and weight are known to cause diabetes and insulin resistance in cats and dogs. In obese pets, the number of insulin receptors on the fat and muscle cells are reduced, damaged or don’t function normally (this is the same in people!). There are several proposed reasons for this, and research is underway to […]

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Osteoarthritis is the process of joint cartilage  degeneration. It is the most common joint disorder in dogs It is progressive Chronic Inflammatory It starts as lameness, limping upon exertion, pain and then leads to a more sedentary lifestyle for your pet because you don’t want to stress them and cause more pain. If not addressed […]

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Hiding: fleas and ticks

For Your Information: Many of us think to check our dogs after we have been in the woods or hiking in tall grass, but did you know they ticks can also be in your bushes, flower beds, and short grass and in the crops that may be behind your house!  Our border collie had them […]

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Summer is all about low calorie treats.

Sometimes we forget that August is still summer!   It it is still very hot and still plenty of fruits and veggies for great snacks for your pets!

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Get outside today!

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Senior Pets Month: Part two

So what are some keys to making sure my senior pet has the best care possible? Weight reduction or normal weight.  Just like in humans, most pets are carrying extra weight.  For your pets this can lead to joint damage, premature arthritis, organ damage and diabetes and thyroid issues. Annual blood testing.  Dr. Flanders is […]

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August is Senior Pets Month!

It is inevitable that most of us will at some point have a senior dog.  Even my puppy who is almost 2 will at some point (hopefully) be a senior pet.  So it is best to start off right with some good health habits that can lead into the senior years being better and better. […]

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Chewing on plants

Dangling leaves aside (which, let’s be honest, are just fun for your cat to chomp at), some cats chew plants because they find comfort in the act, or as a way to get your attention. Of course too much of a good thing can be … well … bad.  Bad for the plants and your […]

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Extra fat can lead to respiratory problems

Obesity can cause respiratory problems in people and pets through a variety of mechanisms. The presence of excess fat along the chest wall and abdomen compresses the spongy lungs, reducing the amount of air taken in with each breath. In many ways, obesity is like having a heavy bag pushing down on your chest—it makes it […]

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Can we say enough about fleas!

This time of the year is tricky with fleas.  We have cooler evenings and nights while the days can get very hot and sticky.  This is a time when we see an up cycle in fleas and an increase in phone calls from clients asking for help.  Traditionally August and September are our busy flea […]

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