Month: August 2018

A few facts on senior dogs.

In general, giant breed dogs age faster than smaller breed dogs. A Great Dane is considered to be senior by 5-6 years old whereas a Chihuahua would likely only be middle-aged then, and not considered a senior until 10-11 years. Large breed dogs fall somewhere in the middle. A Golden Retriever might be considered senior […]

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A few senior cat tips

As your cat ages, you may notice a few declines in their physical abilities.  Some ways to help with this include: Get a litter box with lower sides Help them groom themselves in hard to reach places Have play time with your kitty, but lower the time spent playing and the severity of the play […]

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What does adjunct treatment mean?

These days we hear and read about a lot of different new treatment options including terms like adjunct and alternative treatments, but what do they really mean and are they safe for your pets? These are additional options to conventional medicine. These are meant to provide additional help for your pet’s condition along with prescription […]

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It’s hot again!

Happy weekend and 90 degree weather again.  This is the time of summer where the mornings are cool and the afternoons are hot.  Then there is the times where it cools down a bit during the day for a week or so like we saw last week.  This weather can be hard on pets.  Remember […]

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