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Create a safe Halloween Holiday for your pets!

Remember these guidelines and your pets should be just fine on Halloween night. No candy for Fido!  We all know about chocolate being toxic, but sugar free candies can be deadly as well.  Sugar is also hard on your pet’s digestive system. A lot of times we light candles or have extra cords out for […]

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October is Fire Safety Month

Yes, fire safety should include your pet.  How many of us have a fire plan and include our pets?  I know I had not even thought about this until I saw the notice about fire safety.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind for fire safety with our pets. Don’t forget to check […]

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A few tips about Halloween Costumes!

 Here is my Reba in her Halloween Dress enjoying the Hamilton Heights Fall Festival Last weekend. Our first Aussie loved having clothes on, but Reba hates them!  So she was less than thrilled when Rachel came home from the pet store with this dress. If your pet is not very happy about clothes either or […]

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A few pet safety tips!

Many pet owners do not know what is normal for their pets.  We know what our pulse should be or what a normal temperature for us, but did you know the following facts?  Normal breathing rates (not breed/size specific) are 10-30 breaths per minute and up to 200 pants (breathing with mouth open and tongue […]

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Black Cat Day

Last year we talked about this day and it is appropriate to recognize again and bring attention to the lovable black cat. As a child, I always had a black cat and it was always named “Blackie”.  If it was long haired, then it was “Fuzzy”.  Imagine our surprise when “Fuzzy” had a litter full […]

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A few do’s and don’ts after adopting a shelter pet

October is adopt a shelter pet.  Remember a few of these tips when bringing a new dog into your home. If possible take a couple of days off work to be able to spend time with your new dog expect problems such as accidents, whining, barking, chewing, depression and possibly aggression! most of the time […]

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Poison Dangers for Cats

Cleaners:  Remember that cats like fresh water…so I know I like to let my cleaners set and work a bit before scrubbing them in the toilet, sink or shower.  Close the door to bathrooms so kitty can’t go in and get a drink from the toilet or lick the sink bowl with cleaner on it. […]

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Parasites effect dogs and cats and some of them effect people!   Internal parasites left untreated can cause weight loss, anemia, vomiting, diarrhea, and malnutrition.  In puppies and kittens, parasites can overwhelm them and lead to death if left untreated or treatment started too late.  The dewormer we use at VIP Animal Care is a […]

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Ticks: still a concern in the fall and winter months

This year, so far, it has been an extremely autumn!  We’ve had a few cooler days, but no where near a frost like we sometimes have by now.  The Deer Tick is still very active even in cooler weather. Keep in mind there are still plenty of place for ticks to hide.  On leaves, grass, […]

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Have a good weekend.

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