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A few starting points for overweight pets

These 5 things can be the building blocks and sometimes all your pet needs to reduce their weight. Stop the table food Limit treats Check the calories in the treats Exercise and playtime Offer low calorie vegetables like green beans and carrots as replacements for high calorie treats. Another try can be puzzle food toys.  […]

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Seeing eye guide dog anniversary

Seeing eye dogs are first and foremost working dogs.  Most are from the following breeds: golden retrievers, labradors and german shepherds. These dogs know many many commands.  They ignore distractions such as loud noises, fireworks, sirens, food and medications.  The training for the dog lasts 2 years.  Then the dogs are matched with their potential […]

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An example of good and bad training

When Reba (my Aussie) was a pup, my most important thing I wanted to train her on was coming to me no matter what, even if she was leaving food!  Now this was no easy task.  Our previous Aussie started chasing cars as they came in the drive, so you can understand why this was […]

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Gearing up for Dental Month!

Have you scheduled for pet’s dental cleaning yet?  It will fill up fast, so call us today to get on the schedule.  Don’t forget to mention the coupon! Dental Problems to watch for: Bad Breath Red, inflamed or Bleeding gums Pain when chewing Pawing at the mouth Decrease in appetite yellow build-up on gum line […]

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National Walk Your Dog Month

I find it very comical that the National Walk Your Dog month is January!  Up until January 12th we have been able to very easily walk our dogs outside almost every day.  My dogs were quite perplexed by the snow, since it had been so long since they had seen snow. But even with the […]

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Change a pet’s life day

Today is a day set aside to encourage you to adopt a pet.  But…if you already have a pet or two or more, this is not meant to say you need more.  Pets cost money and especially more than one pet.  Pets done right are pets in loving stable homes.  We don’t want to cause […]

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Lyme disease: an update

From a report in Clinicians Brief, lyme disease is spreading, and when you look at CAPC parasite prevalence maps, Indiana is in the heavier activity color.  We all have that fear of lyme disease for ourselves and our pets, and we all know ticks are the carrier of lyme disease. VIP Animal Care offers many […]

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National Answer your Cat’s question Day

Some of you may be saying, “what a strange day to observe!”  But if you think about it, this day makes a lot of sense for cat owners.  How many of us don’t stop to listen to our cats?  Observation is the best way to understand your cat and have a wonderful relationship with them. […]

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A few tips on training pets.

For a much more well adjusted pet, you will do bet to use positive reinforcement techniques to train your pet.  Using aggressive techniques can backfire and cause long term problems.  The last thing you want are dogs nipping and growling and you and guests all the time.  This is how some dogs end up in […]

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Another funny cat fact.

We’ll see you tomorrow at 9am.  Let us know if you have been able to train your kitty to get the mail!

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