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Obesity Misnomers

We all tend to have a skewed view of what a healthy weight level is for ourselves or our pets! Do you fall into this category? 9 out of 10 pet owners believe their pet’s weight is in a normal weight. More than 50% of US pets are overweight. Excess weight can decrease your pet’s […]

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National Take a Walk in the Park Day

There’s no batter way to reduce stress and blow off steam than to take a walk, especially at the end of the day. For pet owners, it adds an automatic companion! Now that we’ve seen a glimpse of warmer weather, walks should be back on your daily schedule. If you like dog parks, just make […]

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Food Puzzles: Why and How?

Reasons to use food puzzle feeders: Slow the eating of your pet Offer less food Provide mental stimulation Usual questions asked: Do they really work? Do they make any difference? Will may pet reject them? Some work better than others.  Many times it is trial and error to see which is best.  Most pet stores […]

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Respect your Cat Day

March 28th is a day for honoring our feline friends and give them the extra love today.  It is also good to learn what ticks your cat off and is disrespecting your feline and STOP IT!! Disrespect to your cat: Teasing them Feeding too much Feeding cheap, low quality food Not cleaning the litter box […]

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Spring Break: What about your pets?

Many of us want to travel sometimes or all the time with our pets.  Our pets are part of our family.  Years ago our pets were always outdoors, on a chain, in a kennel, or a fenced yard or lot.  Now we have them everywhere we are and care better for them than any other […]

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Understanding your Pet’s Language

Because animals can’t talk, it is a guessing game figuring out what they want or need.  Veterinarians can’t just ask what hurts, what did you eat, how did you hurt yourself?  They have to rely on non-verbal communication, observation and tests. These non-verbal communications include: Posture:  they may change their walking, setting because of pain […]

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Microchip statistics and facts!

A microchip is a small, electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a grain of rice. The microchip itself does not have a battery–it is activated by scanner that is passed over the area, and the radio waves put out by the scanner activates the chip. The chip […]

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The Newest Poison: Marijuana

So far this year the ASPCA reports a 765% increase in all to animal poison control center about pet exposures.   The number of edibles makes marijuana more enticing to dogs. They smell and taste like regular baked goods. Cats on the other hand are more attracted by marijuana in its bud form. Dogs have […]

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National Puppy day and cuddly kitten day

Puppies and Kittens have an immature immune system. They need many rounds of vaccines to help build that immunity and keep them healthy. Please call us to get these scheduled. The exam is free with each round.

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Pet Poisons: Bugs, Bees, etc

Sometimes we forget that some poisons aren’t man made.  Bugs and bees can sting and bite our pets poisoning them, which in some pets, just like people, can be life threatening!  All those creepy crawlers are defending themselves just like your dog bites or your cat scratches in defense.  These can include bees, bumblebees, hornets, […]

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