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Cat safe Houseplants

These are some of the common houseplants people have. These are all safe for your kitty if they would nibble on them. Spider Areca Palm Bamboo Palm Boston Fern Rubber Plant Bromeliad Catnip African Violet Swedish Ivy

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12 Fun Cat facts

Cats have true fur.  They have both an undercoat and an outer coat Cats sleep 16-18 hours per day A female cat may have 3-7 kittens every 4 months Cats respond better to women than men Cats can jump 7 times as high as it is tall Most cats don’t digest dairy products well and […]

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Cancer: No one wants to talk about it!

In the US, there are an estimated 80 million dogs.  Of those, 20 million will get cancer at some point in their life.  It is the number 1 cause of death in dogs!  That’s one in four or 25% according to ACF (Animal Cancer Foundation). The average life span of dogs is fifteen years. Some […]

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A few facts to consider on Spay or Neutering your pet

In 1973 there were 13 million dogs entering shelters every year; recent statistics are that 6-8 million go into shelters today thanks to spay/neuter initiatives. Consider the following facts: An average cat has 1-8 kittens per litter An average cat has 2-3 litters per year So you can see how fast the cat population can […]

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Happy Memorial Day

Remember not only our human veterans, but our canine veterans. Over and over through history dogs have played vital roles in our military victories. Thank you canines for your service! Also remember, that your pets will want to over indulge at the barbecues. Please limit the food they consume, or we will see you first […]

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Go ahead and have a cat nap!

Take a tip from our feline friends, and have a day of rest! We will see you tomorrow with any needs your pet friends have.

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May is national pet month

Show us photos of you and your pets enjoying special time together. Take a walk, go check out a new trail, get a new toy, a trip to the ice cream shop. Isn’t that what Saturday’s are for?

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Allergy Solutions:

May is one of our worst allergy months, because all the trees and flowers are blossoming. It is also a time for us to treat our yards with fertilizers, more grass seed as well as treat for insects. All of this can give your pets an allergic reaction. Remember that they are wearing shoes like […]

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FAD: Flea Bite Dermatitis

Number 1 dermatologic disease of dogs in the United States is flea bite dermatitis There is a 13% rise in flea allergy cases in dogs and 67% increase in felines over the past 10 years. Some speculation for this rise is the fact that so many more pets live indoors, which provides a perfect breeding […]

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Hot Spots: Pyotraumatic Dermatitis

The scientific term for hot spots is cut moist dermatitis.  These painful sores can spring up overnight and recur over and over again. Hot spots are self-induced.  Dogs create hot spots by repeatedly licking and itching at a spot on their body, this injures the tissue creating the hot spot. 2 common forms related to […]

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