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How much exercise does your dog need?

Estimated Amounts of Exercise Needed Toy Breeds:  30 minutes per day Non-Sporting Breeds:  45 minutes per day Terriers & Working Dogs:  60 minutes per day Hounds, Herding & Sporting Dogs:  90 minutes per day Benefits of Exercise: Builds self-confidence Trust Maintains fitness and health Reduces or eliminates common behavior problems Exercise should be based upon: […]

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Your dog’s immune system

Have you checked out your pet’s food lately? Let’s make sure your dog is getting all the immunity they can from their food. Taken from Animal Wellness Foods that strengthen immunity Foods that may help decrease the risk of cancer by strengthening the immune system include medicinal mushroom, cruciferous vegetables, colostrum, turmeric and ginger. Supplements […]

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Fear and Anxiety in Your Cat

Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between fear and anxiety in your cat. How much is normal? Animals just like us, have fear and anxiety. Some is normal, but if your cat remains in this state of constant fear and anxiety, their overall health can be in danger. Fearful Reactions: Recoiling Arched Back […]

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Dr. Flanders is at the Purdue Veterinary Conference today. He will be back in the office his regular schedule next week. Thank you for your understanding.

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Try these tips when you have cats!

Cat Hacks: Add dry green tea leaves to the litter box to help reduce odor. An empty milk jug can be cut to make a litter scoop Put pine cones in your potted plants to deter kitty from getting in them.  They won’t like stepping on them. Make sure you have sturdy screens on windows […]

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The Power of Nutrition

Dogs have complex dietary needs just like we (humans or people) do.  As time has gone by, we have come to realize nutrition can heal and even prevent diseases in people and pets.  Unfortunately, poor nutrition can also negatively influence the health of you and your pet! One item of concern, is that your pets […]

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Positive training tips

Taken from the Dog Whisperer 2nd edition 2007 Positive training says, “do this and something good will happen.” Aversive training says, “do this OR something bad will happen.” *fosters fear. Positive do training allows you to create a partnership with your dog using gentle persuasion based on kindness, respect and compassion.  With this philosophy you […]

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Happy Saturday. Here’s a few fun facts about cats you may not have known!

Fun Cat Facts: Cats eat grass to keep their digestive systems clean.  The regurgitation brings up hair and other irritants. The more cats are spoken to the more they will speak to you.  If you do not respond when your cat talks to you, it will soon lose the urge to communicate with you. Cats […]

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Litter Box Refreshers

Always a good idea every few months to give some tips on cat litter for our furry friends. Did you know…Cat litter was developed in 1947.  Before that cats used sand or dirt. Rule of thumb: 1 litter box for each cat plus one additional extra large box.  So 2 cats in your home should […]

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