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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is the first of an onslaught of holidays in a row that disrupts your pet’s way of life.  Most of our pets thrive with a predictable family lifestyle.  Holidays such as Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year’s pose a continual threat to the stability of your home life. Some of the problems that can […]

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Why does my cat spray?

To attract a mate.   The female sprays to announce she is in heat and ready to mate   The male sprays to attract the female and let other males know this is his territory.   The urine contains pheromones.  These pheromones are good smells to cats, but have more unpleasant odor to us than […]

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Dr. Flanders is out of the office this week.

Keep in mind that there are no Walk-ins again this week. Dr. Skillman is here every day by appointment while Dr. Flanders is showing his sheep in Louisville, KY. Look at the VIP Club lamb Facebook page as we post photos.

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