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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Cats are so mysterious. Their eyes and non verbal communication can tell all. You get on Facebook and every day you see all kinds of quotes that we “think” our cats are saying. We hope you had fun with these questions that cats might ask. Feel free to ask Dr. Flanders at your next visit […]

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It’s Sunday, Relax

We hope you don’t make your pets carry the bags! But most dogs enjoy “work” and keep them mentally stimulated and happy. So don’t forget to enjoy some relaxation with your pet today. We will have normal hours this week. Walk-ins Tuesday and Thursday 4-7 and appointment Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon.

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National Dress Up Your Pet

Some dogs love wearing clothes and are very tolerant at being dressed up. We see dogs with their own youtube video channels, but some dogs are absolutely miserable being dressed up and can cause undo anxiety if you insist they get dressed up. So even though we are highlighting this day on the pet calendar, […]

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Keeping Your Dog Happy in the Winter Months

What a winter we have had so far….before it even began, we had snow.  Then when we are officially in winter, it is warm and wet!  This weekend we have had over 4 inches of rain!  So even if though it isn’t snow, all that wet presents other issues for boredom and depression in your […]

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Help my dog is in pain

Pain can be a difficult thing to assess.  Pets are naturally in fear and full of anxiety when they come to our office.  How many times have we had appointments where our clients say, “my pet is limping!” or “My pet is in pain!”  Yet when they come to VIP Animal Care, the pet bounces […]

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We will be having Walk-Ins tonight.

It will most likely be a very busy walk-in night. Please keep that in mind if you need our services. The holiday will cause extra pet needs. There is no price difference for making an appointment versus coming to walk-ins.

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Happy New Year

If your pets needs assistance today, please call VCA Fishers or MedVet.  We will reopen tomorrow with walk-ins 4-7pm.  We will also be open as normal on Friday with appointments 1-5pm.   We look forward to continuing to provide for all your pets veterinary needs in 2020.

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