2023 Updates/Protocols

2023 Updates/Protocols

Large Animal Protocols

Prescriptions Requests, Health Papers, VFD’s (Veterinary Feed Directive)
All clients must schedule an appointment with Dr. Flanders to fill prescription requests, health papers or VFD’s. Clients within a 50-mile radius of the VIP clinic will be required to have an in-person visit. Clients outside of the 50-mile radius may schedule a facetime/zoom or telehealth call with Dr.Flanders. Scripts are good for 6 months. For prescription requests, there will be a limit to the number of bottles you can purchase of certain medications due to supply constraints and delayed delivery times. For health papers, you must have your animals viewed in the clinic at least once per year to have health papers written all year.

New Software, New Email, New Reminder System
We have a new email for the front desk, vipanimalcarefrontdesk@gmail.com. We have a new software that is helping us work towards becoming a paper-lite clinic. Please give us a call to update your email so we can properly contact you or send information. Our reminder system has also had an update. We will be contacting you via email, letters, or postcards to advise you on information here at the office.

New Product Spotlight: Tri-Pectate
Tri-Pectate is an OTC nutritional supplement for beef and dairy calves, sheep, and goats. It is a natural product that helps maintain the immune system. It is a convenient, one-time use product in a 30ml syringe. This product can also help stiffen stool for those anxious animals on show day or during show season.

Breeder Protocols

Artificial Insemination & Cesarean Section
If a surgical insemination or cesarean section is required for your animal, a consultation must be scheduled with Dr. Flanders. This consultation must be booked with the front desk at least 5-6 weeks ahead due to our clinic’s full schedule. Artificial insemination will not be performed until progesterone testing has been done to ensure the female is ready to breed. The day of a cesarean section, we will be requiring a progesterone test to ensure the female is hormonally ready. If the progesterone levels of the female are not adequate, be prepared for us to reschedule the c-section for a later time. If collecting from a male, then breeding the female in-house, you will be charged a collection fee as well as an insemination fee with a professional consultation. If semen is being shipped in, you must do a progesterone test to determine the female is ready to breed prior to shipping semen.

Expecting Puppies
Once your female is bred, an ultrasound 30-40 days post breeding should be done to check for pregnancy. An x-ray to check puppy development and number of puppies should be done 1 week prior to whelping or planned c-section. When puppies are born and tail docks or dewclaw removals are needed, place call ASAP to make an appointment. These procedures are to be done within the first 7-10 days after birth. First rounds of puppy shots, deworming, and health checks are normally done between 6-8 weeks. Please call immediately after puppies are born to schedule so we can get litters placed in a larger time slot. If health papers or puppy books for vaccine records are needed, please let us know at the time of scheduling.

Social Media Platforms
Follow along with our daily activities here at the clinic! New patients will be highlighted weekly, as well as patients who are visiting for routine checkups. We currently showcase our patients and daily advice on animal ownership on Facebook and Instagram. To follow, search @VIPAnimalCare and look for our clinic logo. We also have a LinkedIn page that highlights our professional identity as a clinic. Job postings will soon be uploaded to our LinkedIn website as well.

Breeder Package
At VIP, we understand that breeding puppies/kittens can come with many costs and visits. To help you and your business, we have created a breeder package. With purchase of the package, your consultation costs are covered for the entire year! Give us a call during clinic hours to learn more about this opportunity!

General 2023 Protocols

If you directly contact the veterinarian for an appointment for the same day (instead of contacting the front office), please expect an emergency fee to be added to your appointment. You should also expect longer waiting times, as your appointment will be worked in over previously scheduled appointments.

If you are in need of a refill for a specific medication, please call the front office at least 24 hours in advance before coming to the clinic. This will ensure that we have the medication in stock, or have it ordered for you.

You must be present to pick up medications for your animal/pet. No medications will be dispensed for an individual that is not listed on the animal’s account. Please arrange accordingly to be present to pick up your needed medications.

VIP Animal Care is home to Dr.Flanders, our main DVM. VIP is also home to multiple relief veterinarians, who are happy to help with your pet’s needs. For your visit at VIP, if you wish to only see Dr.Flanders, you must let us know at the time of booking the appointment.

2023 Updates

New Clinic – Coming Soon! VIP Animal Care will have a new location in 2023. The new clinic sits just 5 minutes or less from our current clinic location.

Coming in Spring 2023 will be our new clinic! VIP Animal Care has greatly enjoyed the long partnership with Tractor Supply in Noblesville for the past 20 years. We will be making the move to a facility of our own to better treat your small and large animals. The new building on Pleasant Street will be a quick 5 minutes away from our current location. It will host 6 waiting rooms, pull around drive for livestock trailers, 2 surgery rooms, and spacious large animal treatment areas.

To our clients, we want to thank you for your continued support and entrusting us with your pets and animals. We are excited to see what the future brings as we build our new home, just minutes away from our current location. • • •We will share more updates on our new location as they come, but for now, we are still located in TSC on Pleasant Street

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