Author: Suzanne Flanders

Pet Paw safety

Now that winter has finally hit Central Indiana (I was enjoying warmer temperatures!), be sure your pets paws are ready to go.  They can experience frostbite more easily than you and I. Have towels and wet wipes ready to wash the salt and debris off paws after being outdoors. You may want to invest in […]

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Kennel safety

If you are planning to board your pet this holiday season, call us to make sure your pet is up to date on vaccines (especially bordetella, aka kennel cough).  You want to make sure you have at least 48 hours of vaccine protection on board before taking your pet the kennel. You may also want […]

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k9 aggression

Most dogs that are overly aggressive are responding to fear.  We see this most often at the veterinarian office, grooming and going to the kennel. When your dog exhibits aggressive behavior and is not responding to normal correction, walk away from him. Trying to grab his collar may illicit a nip or bite because he […]

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k9 agressive eating

If your dog is aggressive when fed, feed him in a separate room with the door closed.  If you have children, lock the door.  If you allow table scraps, place them in the dog’s dish.  Don’t allow the dog to beg at the table.  The dog must sit and wait at all times before approaching […]

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holiday tips for your pets

Please remember that holidays can be a time of stress for your pet.  Plan time with your pet and try to keep routine as normal as possible.  Your furry friends sense when something is up. Table foods can upset your pet’s tummy, so discourage guests from feeding your pets.  Have special treats for them like […]

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