Heartworm Test Protocol at VIP Animal Care


VIP is requiring yearly heartworm test and fecal test!

AHS recommends annual antigen and microfilaria testing. Heartworm infection in dogs has been diagnosed around the globe, including all 50 of the United States, and is considered at least regionally endemic in each of the contiguous 48 states and Hawaii.  From The American Heartworm Society.

  • To stay in compliance with the American Heartworm Society guidelines and all pharmaceutical company policies we are requiring a yearly heartworm test to stay on heartworm prevention. Because of high rates of heartworm exposure dogs, we feel this is the best medicine we can provide for your pet.
  • We are also requiring a fecal sample yearly to also provide the best care for your pet. Even if your pet only goes outside to “do his business”, he is exposed to many parasites that can cause diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, lethargy AND can be passed to YOU!
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