Money Matters

When it comes to our beloved pets, we want the best, but…we also need to be mindful of the cost.  Here at VIP Animal Care, we work very hard to give you reasonable costs for your pet’s healthcare.  Sometimes you may not understand your charges, so this page will hopefully help you understand why we charge consultations (exams) sometimes and not others and some of the scenarios that might warrant more money than other visits to our office.

  • You are never charged a consultation when your pet is vaccinated.  So if we ask you if your pets needs any vaccines that is part of the reason why.  The other reason is that if your pet would scratch or bite us when we are treating we need to know if we are at risk.
  • If you come in for vaccines and upon the “free” exam we find your pet is too ill to have vaccines, you will be charged a consultation of $40.00
  • We have many pets who have anal gland issues and come in routinely for “just an expression of the glands”.  As long as the veterinarian is not examining your pet, you will only be charged the anal glands expression charge.  But…if you are asking questions about other issues, expect that you will be charged consultation of $40.00.  This same situation applies to only needing a heartworm test.
  • When your pet has an illness, many times the veterinarian will want to have a 2 weeks recheck or sooner.  We do charge a $20 re-exam fee for these visits.  Please keep in mind that if your pet is not doing well after the first visit, please don’t hesitate to call, we need to see your pet back.  Dr. Flanders doesn’t usually charge a re-exam fee to see the pet again in the same week.
  • What about when it’s time for your pet to cross the Rainbow Bridge?  We receive many calls from folks who have never been to VIP for their pet’s healthcare needs.  We are happy to help you in this critical time in your pet’s life.  We do however, have to examine (and talk) about your pet’s readiness for euthanasia.  The veterinarian examining your pet may decide there are still many proactive measures to be taken to help your pet, therefore your request for euthanasia may be declined by VIP Animal Care.  Consultations of $40.00 will be added to your pet’s bill.  In the same token, those who have been regular pets to VIP will also be charged consultation if it has been a year since we have had a check up or this is a new issue in their healthcare.
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