Should you become a pet owner?

Many people don’t evaluate if they are ready to own a pet or which pet would be best for them.  Things to consider before adopting or purchasing a pet.

  1. How much room do I have for a pet?
  2. How much time do I have for a pet?
  3. How much money is the pet going to cost?

The size of the pet is a huge deal.  If you live in an apartment you should make sure your landlord is okay with pets and what requirements they have.  A small dog or cat would be the ideal choice for smaller living spaces.   You may be required to pay extra rent with a pet.  Better to know all these things before getting the pet and having to make other arrangements.  Please don’t plan to hide the pet from the landlord because it always comes out over time.

Your time is very important.  If you are working a very demanding job or other responsibilities on top of work, then your decision to become a pet owner should be thought about heavily.  Cats do not require as much physical attention, but can become bored or irritated at no time with you.  The last thing you need is a kitty urinating on your furniture or shredding curtains while you are gone.  Dogs can do even more damage when they are not properly exercised and played with.  Pets can become depressed just like people.  They can become lonely too.

Pets do cost money and to say otherwise is foolish.  Pets need to be vaccinated, some need groomed, they can become ill just like a child might.  Many landlords require yearly checkups, vaccines and even microchips, just to name a few.

Your time, money and environment are all factors that need to be thought of when making a decision to add an important new member to your family.

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