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March Pet Tips

March is one of those months similar to end of October and early November.  The weather can change in a matter of hours from cold to hot and vice versa.   This is the time when pets can suffer from a variety of problems including hot spots, allergies and dry cracked pads.   My border […]

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12 Fun Cat facts

Cats have true fur.  They have both an undercoat and an outer coat Cats sleep 16-18 hours per day A female cat may have 3-7 kittens every 4 months Cats respond better to women than men Cats can jump 7 times as high as it is tall Most cats don’t digest dairy products well and […]

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Feline Herpes Virus

The vast majority of upper respiratory infections are viral in nature and most of the time are from feline herpes virus. Herpesvirus infection, also known as feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), is caused by Feline Herpesvirus Type-1 It can affect domestic and wild cats, and of all ages of cats.  After exposure through saliva and nasal […]

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