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Vacationing with your dog: Do’s and Don’t

This time of year, many pet owners elect to take their dog with them for a family vacation.  This day and age are more friendly to your pet than ever before!  Many hotels and restaurants make room for your pets.  Here are some tips to remember. Plan for a stop every 2 hours to let […]

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Plants you want to have in your gardens and landscape

I had never thought about the plants that our landscaper had put in my flower beds until recently reading articles about plants that can naturally repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos.  Even though we have never had a problem with fleas, I didn’t realize it was because of the plants around my home. I have lavender […]

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How do I keep my kitty cool?

We worry a lot about our dogs during the summer heat, but what about kitty?  Most of us have air conditioning in our homes, so keeping kitty cool is a mute point for those homes, but there are still many homes without and cats who live outdoors.  Here a few tips. Put ice cubes in […]

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Dogs love water

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Warmer weather sometimes means anxiety for pets!

It finally feels like spring has arrived.  And with that means storms, thunder, lightening, tornadoes, tornado sirens, fireworks and then anxiety for your dogs and some cats.

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New Year’s Eve

We wish you all a wonderful evening of celebration as we ring in the new year.  Remember that pets can be frightened by loud music, fireworks, poppers used at parties, so you may want to crate them or make sure they have a safe room to keep them calm and happy. Be careful and have […]

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Compulsive Behavior in Cats

Many clients talk about strange behaviors in their cats.  Goodness knows I have had issues of compulsive behavior with an indoor cat.  Most people who come to our home, don’t even realize we have a cat!  She only comes out at certain times to get a little people time and that is it.  She is […]

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My cat’s purr

What exactly does purring mean? Purring is a way the newborn kittens find their mother before their eyes open. It is a form of communications with other cats and us too. It is a form of self soothing for your kitty Purring is contentment in your kitty Kittens start purring at two days of age. […]

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My dog has reactions to vaccines so I don’t do any.

Certain breeds of dogs, especially the little ones can react to vaccinations.  There are many things we can do to minimize those.  First let’s talk about what is a vaccine reaction and what to do about it. What constitutes an adverse event? An adverse event is any undesirable ocurrence associated with the use of a […]

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Feeding my cat

Many cat owners ask Dr. Flanders how much or little should I be feeding my cat.  Another question is the wet verses dry issue.  So today we will discuss those two issues.  Wet vs. Dry Cat Food Dr. Flanders always recommends dry kibble because the crunching of the kibble helps knock the tarter off their […]

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