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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is the first of an onslaught of holidays in a row that disrupts your pet’s way of life.  Most of our pets thrive with a predictable family lifestyle.  Holidays such as Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year’s pose a continual threat to the stability of your home life. Some of the problems that can […]

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A few facts on senior dogs.

In general, giant breed dogs age faster than smaller breed dogs. A Great Dane is considered to be senior by 5-6 years old whereas a Chihuahua would likely only be middle-aged then, and not considered a senior until 10-11 years. Large breed dogs fall somewhere in the middle. A Golden Retriever might be considered senior […]

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Springtime dangers

This time of year can be dangerous for your pets.  Many of us don’t think about insects, bugs and bees causing allergic reactions to our pets.   Yes, bees sting dogs and cats too.   Yes, mosquitos and chiggers like our furry friends too. Yes your pets can be allergic to grass, pollen and trees […]

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