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k9 aggression

Most dogs that are overly aggressive are responding to fear.  We see this most often at the veterinarian office, grooming and going to the kennel. When your dog exhibits aggressive behavior and is not responding to normal correction, walk away from him. Trying to grab his collar may illicit a nip or bite because he […]

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k9 agressive eating

If your dog is aggressive when fed, feed him in a separate room with the door closed.  If you have children, lock the door.  If you allow table scraps, place them in the dog’s dish.  Don’t allow the dog to beg at the table.  The dog must sit and wait at all times before approaching […]

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We have been receiving many phone calls and visits from pets still suffering from fleas.  Please remember that once your pet has fleas, it will take 3 months or more to fully be rid of these horrible pests!  Once they bite your pet, they lay eggs and even though you treat your home and pet, […]

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