A few fun dental facts!

A few fun dental facts!

We get asked over and over by pet owners, how many teeth does my pet have?  Here is a bit of information about canine and feline teeth.

Most of us never even know when our puppies (or kittens) lose their baby teeth because they usually swallow them or they fall out when they are outside.  

Sometimes there are “retained baby teeth” that are a problem.  This is something Dr. Flanders checks during those exams when the puppies or kittens are being examined and more thoroughly during the spay or neuter surgeries.  Sometimes we can’t get a good look during exams, so when they are already asleep is the best time to get a general look at overall health including their mouth and teeth.  Oral health is just as crucial in your pet as it is for you.  Just as it has been studied in people, the same is true for pets that their oral health is very closely tied to their overall health, especially heart health.  Don’t be surprised after your pet’s spay or neuter surgery to be told that baby teeth were extracted during the procedure.  These must be removed to allow for proper jaw alignment.

Fun Facts:

  • Providing your pet with good dental hygiene can add 2-4 years to its life!
  • Small breed dogs usually have more dental issues.  There teeth are usually too large for their jaw and mouth size.
  • Even though it is said many times that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than yours, it’s not true!
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