A few more tidbits about Ticks!

A few more tidbits about Ticks!

Now that fall is approaching tomorrow, we get many pet owners saying they don’t need to give tick protection with the colder weather.  Here are three facts to remember before you decide that your pet friends don’t need protection this time of year.

  1. Ticks can infest on my and then on into your home to your pets and you!!
  2. Ticks can live in grass and trees, making your backyard a perfect haven for them to survive.
  3. Deer ticks are most active in the fall.  Peak activity is October, but they will continue to seek out a host in the winter months.  This is why yo need year round tick protection.

                                                                     Taken from DVM360

We offer topical and chewable tick preventatives as well as the lyme vaccine.  

Be sure to ask at your next visit with us.


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