A few tips about Halloween Costumes!

A few tips about Halloween Costumes!

 Here is my Reba in her Halloween Dress enjoying the Hamilton Heights Fall Festival Last weekend.

Our first Aussie loved having clothes on, but Reba hates them!  So she was less than thrilled when Rachel came home from the pet store with this dress.

If your pet is not very happy about clothes either or costumes, here are some tips to help!

  • Don’t leave them on for a long period of time.   Reba wore her costume for about 2 hours total.  We dressed her to go, and then when we arrived home, I promptly took off her outfit telling her “free dog” when it was off.  She was very content to put the outfit on for another hour a few days later, knowing she would not be in it all day.
  • Don’t leave them unattended in a costume.  My Reba would probably chew the outfit off herself if left alone.  We purchased a coat for our Border Collie a few years ago for when it was super cold outside and on his third day of wearing it to play outside, he appeared back at the door without the coat!  To this day, we have never found that coat!  We thought sure that after the snow melted we would find the coat, but still haven’t seen it.  The good news is, that he didn’t eat pieces of it and end up needing an emergency surgery to remove it or worse!
  • Make sure your pets are ready to greet strangers.  I have had my pets get very upset at the repeated door bell ringing.  Pets may do better in their kennel while the trick or treaters are coming heavy duty.

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