Allergy Solutions:

Allergy Solutions:

May is one of our worst allergy months, because all the trees and flowers are blossoming. It is also a time for us to treat our yards with fertilizers, more grass seed as well as treat for insects. All of this can give your pets an allergic reaction. Remember that they are wearing shoes like we are or protective clothing like pants and gloves when applying these chemicals and fertilizers. If you are letting them outside with you while applying these products, you may be in for a severe allergic reaction.

Steroids suppress the immune system so the dog’s allergy symptoms (itching, licking, biting) no longer occur.  But these can only be given short term.

Antihistamines are another option

there are 5 categories of allergies

  1. contact
  2. Flea
  3. Food
  4. Bacterial
  5. Inhalent

Green tea bags can soothe hot spots.

Epsom salts can be a great soak for itchy paws.

Some over the counter allergy medicines can be used daily for your dogs. Just remember to ask us, because there are too many that are not okay for your pets. Their metabolism is different than our own, don’t risk your pet’s life with an over the counter medication.


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