Anxiety in your dog

Anxiety in your dog

Sometimes we add stress and anxiety to our pets by putting them in situations that make them nervous.

Dog anxiety can affect all breeds.  Anxiety can affect each very uniquely.  All dogs just like people suffer occasional anxiety, which is normal.  What isn’t normal, is if they can’t get over the anxiety.  Anxiety causes increased blood pressure and heart rate.

3 Main Causes of anxiety in dogs is:

  1. Fear:  storms, noises, fireworks, strangers and new places
  2. Separation:  14% of dogs are affected 
  3. Aging:  many times is associated with Cognitive Dysfunction System (CDS).  Symptoms are impaired memory, learning, perception, and awareness.  Because of these symptoms, dogs become anxious and confused.

Anxiety Symptoms we need to watch for because our dogs can’t just tell us they are nervous, worried and anxious, we must rely on non-verbal cues.  Those include:

  • aggression
  • panting
  • licking repetitively
  • drooling
  • compulsive, repetitive behaviors
  • pacing
  • restlessness 
  • excessive barking
  • urinating
  • defecating
  • destructive behavior

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