Black Cat Day

Black Cat Day

Last year we talked about this day and it is appropriate to recognize again and bring attention to the lovable black cat.

As a child, I always had a black cat and it was always named “Blackie”.  If it was long haired, then it was “Fuzzy”.  Imagine our surprise when “Fuzzy” had a litter full of white kittens!  Then a few weeks after they were born, the kittens looked dirty?!?  Since they were in our garage, we just thought they had gotten into some grease or oil or dirt.  But once we picked them up we realized they were not dirty at all…they had siamese characteristics!  As an adult and working at a veterinarian office I know they were seal-point siamese characteristics from a long haired black cat.  It just goes to show that cats are cats and all colors are a wonderful blend and creation.

We must remember that

  • Black its are sometimes considered bad luck (or unlucky)
  • They are not adopted as often as other colors of cats
  • Sometimes they are passed over because you can’t photograph them as well.

***Don’t be one of the crowd, enjoy black cats the same as all the others! 

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