Boredom signals in your feline

Boredom signals in your feline

  1. Messing up the house
  2. picking fights with other pets
  3. eating more and/or eating less
  4. excessive grooming—brushing can help this
  5. going outside the litter box.
  6. being loud

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours/day

Cats do crave attention, just not as obvious as dogs.

Ways to help:

  • Install shelves or an end table by different windows so they can peer out.
  • you can then put bird feeders outside those windows and your kitty will be entertained:  kitty’s version of TV.
  • Install screens on your windows so in nicer weather, you can open windows.  My cat loves to lay in the window sill.
  • Laser pointers encourage most cats to play, even the stubborn ones.
  • Catnip is easily grown in pots and can sooth your pet.
  • Tie some strings on your banister of your stairs to encourage play
  • As long as your cat doesn’t eat non-food items, they can be an easy way give your cat some fun.  Bottle caps, hair ties, ping pong balls are all great things for them to bat around.

Meowing can signal boredom.  Cats meow to get our attention.  Pawing at you is also an attention getter.  Cats love to play, but sometimes the knock things down to get your attention.  Even negative attention is better than no attention.

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