Can we say enough about fleas!

Can we say enough about fleas!

This time of the year is tricky with fleas.  We have cooler evenings and nights while the days can get very hot and sticky.  This is a time when we see an up cycle in fleas and an increase in phone calls from clients asking for help.  Traditionally August and September are our busy flea time with early spring following right behind.

We get asked many times if you need to treat all winter and here is why!

Adult fleas are only part of the problem.

After treatment with an adulticide, the pet still lives in an environment infested with flea eggs, maggot-like larvae, pupae, and emerging fleas.

This means the eggs are the bigger problem!  One adult flea lays thousands of eggs that can lay dormant for months and years until the conditions are right to hatch out.

So if you are a risk taker, by all means save a bit of money and don’t give preventative year round.  But the costs of an infestation far outweigh the cost of prevention.  Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of manure (Steel Magnolias movie quote)!!

Ask us about all of our flea preventatives so we can determine what the best course of products for you are.

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