Cats who lick: is it normal or not?

Cats who lick: is it normal or not?

Cats spend 60% of their time sleeping, next is grooming and then eating and playing. So most grooming is normal, but…there is compulsive licking.

Compulsive licking at the tail head may be a flea infestation. When it is food allergies or pollen allergies, your cat may lick their back, and abdomen.

Licking that causes excessive hairballs or hair loss.

As long as the licking doesn’t break the skin, no infection will occur. If they break the skin and infection occurs, they will lick even harder inducing more infection. It is a vicious cycle.

Sometimes licking is a psychological issue. It can be a calming factor for cats. Anxiety and stress can cause them to lick. Licking can be like you biting your fingernails. It is a stress reliever.

As we say at the end of most of these posts, it’s better to come have an exam to make sure the licking is normal. We will be able to check all the areas that could be the source of the excessive licking and recommend treatment.

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