CBD: to use or not to use?

CBD: to use or not to use?

Taken from:  JAVMA News February 1, 2020 Vol. 256, No. 3

In November 2019 the FDA announced they had issued warning letters to 15 companies for illegally selling cannaboid-containing products in ways that violate federal law.  Most of these products are intended fro pets.

Companies receiving warning letters are:

      • Apex Hemp Oil, LLC
      • Bella Rose Labs
      • Daddy Burt LLC
      • Healthy Hemp Strategies LLC also called Curapure
      • Infinite Product Co. LLC
      • Koi CBD LLC
      • Natural Native LLC
      • Noli Oil
      • Organic Industries
      • Pink Collections Inc.
      • Private I Salon LLC
      • Red Pill Medical Inc.
      • Sabai Ventures Ltd.
      • Sunflora Inc and Your CBD Store
      • Whole Leaf Organics

According to market research firm Packaged Facts’ 2019 survey of Pet Owners, 11% of dog owners and 8% of cat owners have used cannabis supplements or treats for their pets.

The bottom line is to be very careful and do your research before you buy these products for you or your pet.  They may be a great alternative, but they may also be a great detriment!  These companies need to be able to show where they are processing their products and whether the amount of THC in their products are tested for purity as well as safety.  You may get 1 bottle with an acceptable level and the next might be double the amount.  What is being found is it is extremely easy to overdose you or your pet even when buying from the same company.

Proceed with caution if you are going to use these products.

CBD is neither an approved food ingredient nor Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA

The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine has not approved any CBD products for use in pets!


Dogs have a higher number of CB1 receptors than humans.  These receptors mediate the effects of THC (the psychoactive component of CBD) and may be why dogs are more sensitive to the effects of THC.  CB1 receptors are found primarily in the brain, nervous system, lungs, liver and kidney.  They help regulate pain relief, nausea, depression to name a few.  Since our pets have more of the CB1 receptors it means they need a much smaller dose than humans to have the same overall pain relief or alleviate depression or nausea.

None of us want our pet in pain, but we can’t stress enough that there needs to be more research and guidance before jumping on the CBD bandwagon!


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