Dental health goals for pets

Dental health goals for pets

Many pet owners think if they give a dental bone every day that’s good dental health for their pet.  The thing to watch is the calories in these chews.  These should be just a part of your dental hygiene for your pet.

I have been using these treats we can order for you too.  Each treat is 2 calories and freshens breath.  When you have a dog with bad breath, you really want to have something to help immediately.  Both my big dog and little dog love these and they are pretty picky about treats.  I don’t feel guilty giving a treat every day with only 2 calories.  I give the large dog 2 and the little one 1 daily.

The second danger of bones is that they can splinter or get stuck in the throat, stomach or intestines!  We just saw a pet yesterday that had a bond get stuck…luckily it got the bone out, but was having vomiting and shakes afterwards.

This was the type of bone the owner brought in!  These bones are also a high calorie option with the filling.

Other helpful additions are toys made for dental health that add no calories and water additives.  Of course brushing teeth should be your number one thing to do for dental health.

All pet owners struggle with the issue of brushing teeth.  Setting realistic goals can help.  Start out doing 2-3 weeks brushing once a week, then a add a second day of brushing for another 2-3 weeks with a goal of brushing 3 times per week.  


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