Does your dog get enough mental stimulation?

Does your dog get enough mental stimulation?

Dogs need mental stimulation

—A lot of it

—You need to exercise their brains

  1. Food puzzles make them work out the problem of how to get the food out.
  2. Obstacle courses can be another way to exercise their minds.  These are like crossword puzzles to humans.  Try making area for them to jump over and crawl under.
    1. Our border collie loves a ball under the clothes basket.  He pushes and moves it trying to figure out how to get it out.  
    2. We also have a mini trampoline and it presents a good challenge to put a ball under it in the middle and watch him try to get it out.
    3. And last night, the new one was to put the wobble ball in a small blanket.  He pawed and pulled to try to get it out.  Just make sure you don’t care much about the blanket.  Ours was covered in dog spit!  But nothing the clothes washer couldn’t remedy.
  3. Teaching new commands and tricks can provide great mental stimulation.  Try teaching your dog to learn names of toys.  Our dogs know blue ball, bone, cow as well as the work playtime.
  4. Use their sense of smell.  Dogs think with their nose like we do with our eyes.  Give them time to enjoy new smells.
  5. Play games.  Try hiding a treat under 1 of 3 cups and see if your dog can find it after you have rotated them.

The more you stimulate mind and body, the better pet you will have.


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