Dog bites: caution is a key

Dog bites: caution is a key

Fact #1:  You are more likely to get bitten by a dog when you are taking your dog out in the public, and especially at dog parks.  The bite can be from your own dog as well as from unknown dogs.  Now am I saying don’t take your dog there?  No.  these are just facts and the more you are aware the more you can be prepared to not get in a situation of a dog fight or a dog bite!

Fact #2:  You are 27 times more likely to get a dog bite when you have more than 1 dog.  A great rule of thumb was seen on a sign at  friend’s house:  

          Beware of the dog, HIS BITE is worse than his Bark!

Fact #3:  Children are more likely to be bitten than adults.  We hear of many dog bites in children.  Usually dogs will send a warning nip first.  This is from fear of children most of the time.  Make sure your children know how to approach strange dogs and even keep your eyes close.  You should be learning the signs that a dog is fearful or aggressive to be ready to keep your children from a dog bite.  A dog bite can be more of an emotional scar on your child than physical.  Teaching your children how to handle themselves around new dogs is your best defense against dog bites.

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