Don’t forget mental stimulation for your dog

Don’t forget mental stimulation for your dog

This time of year, it is usually pretty easy to get plenty of exercise for your dog.  The weather is nice, it’s warm, so we go for walks, to the park.  But our dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation.  

An easy way to do this is add to the playtime a mental component.  Kong toys are wonderful to add a mental dimension…the pocket can be used to add a treat for your pet to figure out how to get them out or my dogs go nuts for a squeaker or bell (what about adding one to the kong hole?

Treasure hunts can be inside or outside and stimulate your pet to get both physical and mental stimulation.

Using basic commands works your pet’s brain to create the mental stimulation they need.  We get lazy and don’t make our dogs use those basic skills, but just sit, stay and down can help them keep their brain sharp.  And a sharp brain leads to a satisfied pet who is not displaying destructive behavior such as barking, chewing or worse.


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