Easter Toxins for Cats

Easter Toxins for Cats

Easter lilies are deadly to cats.  So why do they eat them?

  • Cats don’t inherently know what plants are poisonous to them.  Just like when someone eats a poisonous mushroom because they thought it was a safe type.
  • Just eating 1-2 leaves or even the pollen can kill a cat!
  • Even smaller ingestions can cause kidney failure and gastritis
  • All the parts are poisonous.

All types of lilies are toxic to cats!

  1. Tiger lilies
  2. Day lilies
  3. Peace Lilies
  4. Rubrum Lilies
  5. Easter Lilies 

Early signs and symptoms include vomiting, lack of appetite and lethargy.

If there is any chance your cat has eaten a lily, you need to seek treatment ASAP.  That may mean the emergency clinic if VIP is closed.  The stomach needs to be emptied, activated charcoal given to neutralize toxins and fluids given to help get the toxins out of the system and protect the kidneys from damage.

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