We have been receiving many phone calls and visits from pets still suffering from fleas.  Please remember that once your pet has fleas, it will take 3 months or more to fully be rid of these horrible pests!  Once they bite your pet, they lay eggs and even though you treat your home and pet, those eggs will still hatch out and continue to cause problems after you think you have rid yourselves of them.  We have multiple products to offer you to help eliminate these including 24 hour kill pills, 30 day chewables for dogs, and topicals along with a home treatment called knockout that we use here at VIP daily.  Even though we had a hard frost a few days ago, there are still warm days like today and forecast for 70 degrees on Thursday, so keep using your preventative.

If your pet is itchy even after you have started a preventive treatment, he may be suffering from flea bite allergies to his/her skin.


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