Fun Facts from 2017 Pet Demographics Survey

Fun Facts from 2017 Pet Demographics Survey

69.1% of pet dogs are spayed or neutered

80% of cats are spayed or neutered 

The top 3 sources for acquiring a dog are:

  1. Rescue groups at 28%
  2. Friend or relative at 26%
  3. Breeders at 22%

For cats the top sources for acquisition are:

  1. Rescue or shelter at 31%
  2. From a friend or relative at 25%

Many pet owners view their pets as a part of the family:

  • 85% for dogs owners
  • 76% for cat owners
  • 57% for bird owners
  • 47% for horse owners

From these statistics, it sounds like we are on the right tract in where we obtain our pets and how we care for them.


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