Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday

Some fun facts about your cat’s meow!

A cat’s meow is communication.  as kittens it’s a way to let the mother know they are hungry or scared.  After the kitten grows up, their meow is used primarily to communicate to us (humans).

Feral (wild) cats stop meowing as adults.

Cats meowing  at night and early in the morning are signaling they want more attention.

There are a few meows that are distinct and specific to what your cat wants!

I’m hungry meow…usually they will pace around you and lead you to their bowl.

Where a man meow…your female is in heat and wants to breed.

Pain: watch your cat carefully, it will be a distressed meow, much different than the I am hungry.

I want to play meows are usually acccompanied by running and jumping.

I am anxious and irritated meows. These usually may have a swat or swipe along with the meow.

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