Help my dog is in pain

Help my dog is in pain

Pain can be a difficult thing to assess.  Pets are naturally in fear and full of anxiety when they come to our office.  How many times have we had appointments where our clients say, “my pet is limping!” or “My pet is in pain!”  Yet when they come to VIP Animal Care, the pet bounces into the office like they are a puppy.

One of the best tools we have to help diagnose pain is your cell phone!  You can video your pet at home where you witness the pain triggers every day.  It may be during playtime, during a walk, going up the stairs to bed, jumping up on the bed or the couch.  A video of these occurrences can show Dr. Flanders how an injury occurs or how your pet is inflaming the joints.  You can bring the video to your appointment or email it to us.

Here are some of the signs of pain to look for:

In Cats it includes going outside the letterbox, not grooming themselves, aggression or sudden changes of behavior, a decrease in appetite, limping, not jumping on furniture, biting owner when touched, not interacting with family.

In dogs, it can be barking, howling, soiling in the house, shaking, sleeping more, difficulty jumping and going upstairs, getting up from laying down, no longer playing or interacting with family.

Watch for these signs or just a sudden change in behavior of your pet and call us for an appointment.


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