Help, my dog pulls on the leash!

Help, my dog pulls on the leash!

Dogs have places to go and things to pee on, and if your dog is a puller, you’re just an anchor keeping him from the next adventure. Pulling is another “creep up” behavior because we often allow our dogs to pull now and then, not realizing that if we let the pulling continue, we’re going to end up competing with our dogs’ muscle memory. Dogs very quickly learn that “a tight leash means I go forward,” and that feeling of tension around their necks becomes the set point for walking.


The goal is to teach your dog that pulling never works, and a loose leash is the way to go. When your dog pulls, stop walking each time. When he circles back to you, or even looks back at you, offer him a reward right next to you, so that he has to come close to get it, and continue walking. Give your dog intermittent treats for remaining by your side as you stroll, so that’s he’ll soon understand that walking close to you is the best place to be.


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