How to know if your cat has a bladder infection

How to know if your cat has a bladder infection

Signs of bladder infection:

  • Urinating outside the litter box
  • Blood in the urine
  • Excessive licking of the genital area
  • Crying out while urinating
  • Straining to urinate
  • Frequent trips to the litter box

Preventative tips:

  • Feeding smaller meals more frequently
  • Clean, fresh water at all times
  • keep the litter box clean
  • keep the litter box in a safe quiet area of the home
  • keep changes in routine to a minimum
  • May need a prescription diet if your feline has had bladder infections in the past
  • May need to use distilled water to regulate the ph of the water

What we will do for your feline to get rid of the bladder infection:

  • Antibiotics (first an injection, then followed by at home liquids)
  • Possible Steroids to help decrease the inflammation and pain in the bladder
  • Possible pain medications
  • Fluid therapy:  sometimes your cat is dehydrated from all the straining to urinate, so adding fluids helps your pet respond better to antibiotics.

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