Hypothyroidism is Felines

Hypothyroidism is Felines

What do you need to know about this more common problem in felines>

If you have a senior aged feline, this disease is pretty common.  

Hypothyroidism is caused by an increase in production of thyroid hormones from enlarged thyroid glands in your feline’s neck.  Because these thyroid hormones are increased, almost all other organs are affected causing secondary health concerns, like heart issues, including enlarged heart muscles and high blood pressure.

Most of the time after a blood test to determine hypothyroidism, medication can be prescribed that will regulate the thyroid hormones which in turn will regulate the blood pressure and heart issues.  Close monitoring will be needed for at least a few months to get the levels back to normal and make sure the heart complications are under control.

At your feline’s next exam, ask about this very common problem to make sure your kitty is in top condition.

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