Is it feasible to have a pet at your workplace?

Is it feasible to have a pet at your workplace?

As many of you see, VIP has 2 office cats that make our office their home.  It is natural at a vet office, but it is trendy right now to have pets at places of business.  You are seeing coffee houses offering cat rescues while you sip your beverage.

An office pet can be a good idea but must be thought through fully.  Please thing about the following before making this huge step:

  • Vaccinations:  if you have the public coming into your place of business, your pet must be current on vaccinations for the safety of the pet and the people coming in contact with him.
  • Safety:  if the door to your business is a revolving door, your pet may escape!  Think about a microchip and also keeping the pet contained as you start introducing him to a door that opens frequently.
  • Signs:  make sure employees and patrons are okay with a pet.  You will need to make allowances if employees are allergic and/or frightened of pets.  I know it is hard to believe, but adults can be terrified of a cat or a dog (especially if they have been bitten or scratched in the past).
  • Weekends and holidays:  most of us think this is a great idea until you realize both cats and dogs must be fed, exercised and have bathroom trips on weekends and holidays.  You may think about traveling the dog home with you each evening or just on the weekends.  Cats are less maintenance but tend to get board and will destroy things over a long weekend.  You don’t want to come in Tuesday after a long 3 day weekend to find your computer has been urinated on and your office chair shredded because kitty was board over the weekend.

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