Know Your Parasites that cause harm to your cat

Know Your Parasites that cause harm to your cat

We are in the midst of spring and summer is just around the corner.  That can mean pests called parasites that can wreak havoc with your kitty.  There are two classifications of parasites:  internal and external.


  • Internal parasites are found in the organs of your kitty like the intestines, stomach and lungs.  These include roundworm and tapeworms.  Kittens are the most common age to have round worms, hence the need to de-worm all kittens.  But that doesn’t mean adults can’t get round worms too.  Tapeworms are usually acquired via flea eggs and larvae on prey that your cat hunts like mice and birds.


  • External parasites are found on the hair and skin of your cat.  These are flea, mites and ticks.  All cats are susceptible to fleas, even indoor cats.  Fleas can get on you and then transfer to your indoor cat.  Mites are very common in cats.  We treat cats every day for ear mites.  There are other skin mites your cat can acquire which can lead to hair loss and skin infections.

Our barn kitty is quite the hunter.  Because of all the hunting, I make sure to de-worm her twice a year because of all the prey she eats.  Parasite control should be an integral part of your feline wellness plan.  De-worming your pet is a cheap preventative.

At VIP Animal Care we offer Vectra 3D which is a topical, Seresto flea collars, and Comfortis oral tablets for preventatives.


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